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Notitia Vita Management Consultants

We are active in management technology consulting, manufacturing process design, project management, data analytics, programming and big science around big data.

We provide affordable and sophisticated solutions

We specialize in vague and undefined problems.
If you are unsure of the problem or the causes call us.
We can find and eliminate the sources of evasive business problems.

Our consultants have a wide variety and deep experience in multiple industries. We have held numerous executive and C level positions. We operate our firm virtually resulting in almost no overhead, non-essential staff, brick and mortar facilities, or new graduates to train on your work. Our firm operates virtually, with a national reach. We provide higher sophistication than most traditional firms and produce elegantly simple solutions at very affordable pricing.

We operate nationally having served clients thousands of miles away.

We do really exciting things. To bypass the information below and jump right to the section about the projects we did, you can push this button and jump down. Jump to case studies

Our Principals and Practices

  • Rand is an expert in resolving complex business issues. He has a career in cutting-edge supercomputing, nuclear engineering, operations management, and statistical finance. He has a substantial background in business acquisitions, divestitures, and turnarounds. He has been a CEO, COO, Managing Director, and a board member of companies.

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  • Andy has uncanny skills for taming the largest and most complex data making it understandable and usable. He also is an expert in untangling manufacturing process knots, engineering significant improvements. He leads our database development and has Hadoop developer and administrator certifications. Andy has been a CEO of a manufacturing company, a CTO and a CEO of companies.

    Andy Meyer - Process engineering, computer software, manufacturing management
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  • Leigh is our "roll up her sleeves" and "get it done" partner. She has a strong background in electrical engineering and excels at modern programming languages and web design. Leigh has been a Director of Software Development for a company.

    Leigh Renninger -  Software development, software design, computer programming
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We solve your poorly defined issues

"Solving your poorly defined, complex, and difficult to resolve issues." is our only mission.

If you need an accountant, call one. If you need a programmer call one. If you need an HR professional, marketing specialist, equipment supplier, or other single-purpose professional, they are probably a better fit. If you don't know who to call or if your issue spans many different disciplines, call us. We specialize in connecting pieces to your puzzles. If we cannot help you efficiently or effectively, we will help you identify who can help you best.

We are not affraid to get dirty with a hands-on approach

We have functioned essentially as contract employees managing projects, writing code, walking shop floors as management. We advise but we also work!

You have our complete attention

When you need a problem solved, we are there for you. We strictly limit our consulting load to perform hands-on consulting rather than supervising dozens of projects with junior and training personnel. Your project is always a high priority to us.

Every project is custom

We approach clients’ needs directly and individually. You are different than other firms, and we avoid the practice of fitting your work into a standard solution template. Our job is to research and use all resources available to understand the issue at hand and to devise strategies for success. You get a solution that has been customized to your needs not a cookie-cutter program of the year offered by a large consultancy. If you want to get a sense of our projects, please click here.

We help numerous business types

  • We are boots-on-the-ground support for owners and advisors of operations. Almost 40 % of Notitia Vita's business has been confidential work for financial ownership. More often than not, we were referred work by the ownership's financial or legal advisors.

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  • Management can lever our expertise where needed to enhance their capabilities. Members of our staff have had Director and VP of Operations, VP of Operations, VP of Administration and Plant Manager experience in packaging, steel fabrication, and environmental controls businesses.

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  • We have helped distributors with a wide range of computing, operations, and inventory support. Our experts can solve inventory control, barcoding and shelf management, labeling, and other problems.

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  • One of our consultants has ten years of retail experience including store management, merchandising, and store resets. Our advanced purchasing, shelf item tracking, and theft detection systems can bring value to operations.

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  • One of our principal consultants has been a utility executive. All our principal consultants have experience in utility and energy projects. We provide analytics for usage forecasting, operations, and advanced consumer products.

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  • We provide business planning, financial modeling, and operations support.

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  • We can help you achieve your goals, regardless of your industry. We have done significant work in other industries.

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We find and fix root causes

We excel at rooting out the source of a problem, fixing it quickly and accurately. We are the ideal partner to solve deep and complex issues at all levels of your operation. All our Principal Consultants have multifaceted experience in both high technology and business. We are thorough and we have a depth of business, manufacturing, software technology, and design experience. We are problem solvers seeking opportunities to do so.

We have extremely broad capabilities

  • We deliver full business planning and analysis services.

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  • We work with all aspects of data science, big data, Hadoop ecosystem, data mining, and data statistics.

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  • Our predictive modeling, econometrics, simulations, and responsive systems give you greater insights.

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  • We support large projects, turnarounds, shutdowns, liquidations, successions, and other difficult situations.

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  • We work with automation, data and labor collection, process improvement, project tracking, and evaluation, quality measurement and improvement, and enterprise software such as ERP, CRM, and MRP.

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  • We have access to a pool of skilled experts to handle complex issues as part of project scope.

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  • We have access to a large body of outside resources for large-scale projects.

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We assemble the perfect team

In addition to our core team, for very large projects or projects that require some additional know-how, we have access to a cadre of professionals who complement and enhance our expertise under our close supervision. We do not load up on staff unless absolutely necessary. This coupled with our reasonable rates gives you the most consulting for your dollar.

We have put together teams to help startups, turnarounds, shutdowns and liquidations, ERP installations, and existing companies that want to grow. We have analyzed exotic technologies from solar to nuclear, from robotic welding to waterjet abrasion, and even built technology for trading weather derivatives. We also do the typical website coupled to large databases and Extract Transform and Load (ETL) of very large data systems using LAMP stacks and supercomputing techniques. We pioneered supercomputing and advanced modeling techniques. We have invented cutting-edge products for energy markets. We even model complete public utility grids from the regional down to the individual consumer. If you have a problem and do not know where to turn, try us. If we cannot efficiently tackle your problem, the odds are we can find someone to recommend that can.

We are discrete

We are discrete and will not disclose we are working for you unless requested or explicitly permitted in a written agreement. We bring to you a quiet and calm external viewpoint while working closely with your team.

Our clients often bring us into conflicts or stressful business conditions. Since these situations can be quite embarrassing for our clients, no client lists or logos appear on our pages. We are willing to provide character and capability references upon request, and possibly similar-situation client references as we understand your needs.

Please view our case studies

  • We have case studies on project management, financial statements / budgets, & business plans.

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  • We have case studies on data science and statistics.

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  • We have case studies on data Analytics, modeling, and scalable databases.

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  • We have case studies on management in difficult situations.

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  • We have case studies on operations.

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Well, what are you waiting for?

Since we keep all potential client information confidential, as if we signed an agreement, it couldn't hurt you to talk about your needs with us. If your particular problem is not a good fit for us, we would be glad to refer you to someone in our network that would be a better fit.

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Issue #2 - Considerations for changing out entire management teams

Issue Paper #2

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This white paper has six rules for changing out management.

This is extremely important in acquisitions, and performance related changes.

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Issue #1 - Procure to Ship Fraud in Small Companies

Issue Paper #1

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This white paper is full of tips on detection and prevention. It is good reading for owners of companies of less than $100 million. These owners could be individuals, families, private equity firms or public companies.

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